UK’s most prolific mistress’ says she’ll continue affairs with married men in lockdown


‘Britain’s most prolific mistress’ says she will keep having affairs with married men in lockdown – and already has three breaking restrictions.

A woman dubbed ‘Britain’s most prolific mistress’ has revealed how she plans to have multiple affairs with other people’s husbands throughout the UK’s national lockdown – and has done for months.

Gweneth Lee, 47, from Chelsea, west London, had her first affair around 15 years ago, while married to a Dutch oil executive.

Since then, she has gone on to have over 130 affairs with wealthy, attractive men and says she plans to continue doing so even during lockdown phase two – albeit with certain safety precautions in place.

“I am at very low risk of being seriously harmed by the virus and I wear a face mask and practice social distancing in my everyday life,” Gweneth said.

“But I am a single woman and I am not going to live in prison for a year – not seeing anyone or enjoying the joys of sex.

“If any government thinks they can ban consenting adults from having sex, they are mad.

“So far I have not been infected by the virus, nor has anyone close to me or any of my lovers.”

Gweneth first started sleeping with married men after her own husband cheated on her and suggested the pair have an open relationship.

“I was happily married to my husband Robert, a Dutch oil executive, and living in London when I had my first affair.

“I took my marriage vows seriously and while I always loved sex and the excitement of sleeping with someone new, I expected to be faithful to my husband.

“Unfortunately, my husband didn’t feel the same and had several affairs. I found out he was cheating and he admitted it.

“He said that he loved seeing other people and would prefer to have an open relationship. I thought: if you can’t beat him, join him.”

Gweneth decided to join, a website where married people can hook up to cheat on their partners.

While the business consultant’s husband died 10 years ago, she has carried on having affairs and has no plans to stop – lockdown or no lockdown.

Gweneth notes that the Christmas period is also the “best time of the year for affairs” and she enjoys being truly spoilt by her lovers.

She added: “Yes, my lovers will be with their wives but they will also make time for me and the presents they give to their lovers are always more lavish than those bought for their wives.

“I am having three affairs right now and will see all my lovers between now and Christmas.

“There is a cut off period from about 22 December to New Year when I am normally cut adrift.

“Though I remember having a gorgeous afternoon in bed on Boxing Day with a lover after he got fed up with his family over Christmas and said he was going horse racing at Kempton Park, when in fact he was meeting me.”

Gweneth is currently seeing a Danish man who works in shipping and whom she says is “always very generous with presents” and enjoys taking her on lavish shopping trips to designer stores.

She added: “He is married and his wife turns a blind eye to his affairs.

“I am sure she knows about me but doesn’t see me as a threat because she knows I don’t want to marry again.”

Then there is a finance director who works in the city whom Gweneth says has a number of lovers, including her.

She said: “He is kinky – like a real-life Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey.

“He has a suitcase full of whips and spanking paddles and other paraphernalia.

“We play a lot of domination and submission games – I tend to be in charge.

“We are booked in for two dates in December.”

Finally, there is an executive chef who is married with children but whom Gweneth meets regularly in hotels.

She said: “This one is just about sex.

“He is not as rich as the other two so the Christmas presents are not as generous, but the sex is ,better.”

Despite holding the title of ‘Britain’s most prolific mistress,’ Gweneth has no qualms with the label.

She added: “I don’t mind being labelled as Britain’s most prolific mistress because it is the truth.

“I love sex and I love having affairs. I would not be surprised if I was the world’s most prolific mistress.

“I certainly beat everyone hands down in Europe.

“But one thing I will say forcefully: I have never broken up a marriage.

“No man has ever left his wife for me and none ever will, because I’m not looking for another husband.

“All I do is expose problems in relationships that were already there.

“I settled down once and was fully committed to my marriage and I was betrayed by my husband.

“So, I won’t settle down again. I would find it impossible to be faithful to any man after all these years.”